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Rathanacio wrote on February 13, 2020 at 11:32 pm:
This was a long time ago but I remember it like yesterday - though Dickey may not remember it at all. Or, possibly, it wasn't even actually Dickey, but this is my story and I hope it's true... The concert I did NOT go to: Allman Brothers, 1971, Fillmore East I picked up a guy hitchhiking @ the hwy 17 onramp when heading home to my Mt. View apartment from parent's house in San Jose, California. My hitchhiker was headed to San Francisco but didn't need to be there until the next day so I brought him to my apartment where he hung out with me and roommates Jan & Sally. He was looking through our albums and asked if we had heard of the Allman Brothers. We said no and he made no more mention of it. We let him sleep on the couch! We were very trusting in those days! The next morning on my way to work in Palo Alto, I dropped him off where he could get a ride to SF. I didnt ask why he was going there, just went on to work in my Fotomat booth. Listening to the radio at work, I heard ads for an Allman Bros. concert that night at the Fillmore East in San Francisco and it piqued my curiousity. After work I went into Banana Records -- in the same parking lot as my Fotomat kiosk, as I recall. I looked up Allman Bros. and found an album with my hitchhikers photo on it!!! I was so excited! I bought the album, of course, and tried to get someone to go to San Francisco with me for the concert but had no luck, unfortunately. I loved - and still love - the Allman Brother's band! I think/hope that was my minor brush with fame. Any chance Dickey might corroborate my story?