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This has been a very tough year so far for Dickey Betts. At Christmastime, his brother Joel was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. A few weeks ago, Joel passed away. Dickey and Joel were very close, in fact sharing the same birthday.

Dickey advised me that he has decided to discontinue touring until further notice.

He also wanted everyone who posted condolences to know it meant a lot to him to read them. I hope you join me and respect the privacy of the Betts family at this time.

David Spero



  1. The feather - January 7, 2016 1:55 pm

    Love you Mr. Betts

    I have been a fan since 69 and Piedmont Park. St just about every show you’ve done in Georgia and a few other places. St Great Southern a lot of times always enjoyed myself you are a true musician and one of the best guitar players ever. You and Carlos Santana should do an album together. That would be a true gift to the world to have you too melodic players playing the melody that come out of your soul would be a treasure
    Let’s see it happen. The music world would eat it up.
    I am a songwriter and I have a song called Georgia on the groove.
    Here’s the words I hope you like it Mr Betts

    Way back before Blind Willie McTell
    Country folks used to ring that Bell
    Then Ray Charles come alone and changed everything
    I swear I can still hear old sky dog sing

    Georgia on the groove
    Georgia on the groove
    Otis was so smooth
    With George on the groove

    Mr betts might have been a gator
    But a lot of folks in macon used to call him their neighbor
    And don’t forget about The Godfather of Soul
    And good God Curtis Mayfield don’t you know

    George’s on the Grove
    Georges on the groove
    George on the groove
    George on the groove

    Some say rock and blues is dead
    They heard lefty Williams or Donna Hopkins yet
    Tinsley Ellis and Delta moon
    And when Diane Durrett sings feathers going to kick off my shoes

    With Georgia on the groove Georgia on the groove Georgia on the groove Georgia on the cruise

    Jimmy herring and Derek Trucks Chuck Leavell the world can’t get enough of that stuff no matter which country jazz rock or blues somebody in Georgia is willing to pay their dues with Georgia on the groove

    Georgia on the grooves

  2. Happyhere

    Happyhere - January 8, 2016 9:09 pm

    Going to see Gregg at Cherokee tomorrow but thinking about you mr betts!!! Let the sweet sound of music be heard!!! Thanks for your groove!!!

  3. bayoubluesrat

    bayoubluesrat - January 26, 2016 10:23 pm

    Have fun at Gregg show…love his stuff as well.

    The Cat in the Hat is always in my ears…here is hoping that Dickey can get back out to share his brilliance with his fans .

  4. Ronbo16

    Ronbo16 - December 7, 2017 6:32 pm

    Come back and tour with Great Southern and The Allman Brothers and of course your son Duane

    You are an icon and we want you back

    I live here in Sarasota FL and I spent a few hours backstage with you between sets

    Come back and start your tour right here at Robarts Arena in Sarasota

    You are greatly missed and we want you back . I played your great music back as a DJ as WZBC always on my show every Sunday night – you are missed – I am almost 60 years old but you were always missed when you were away

    My favorite song was Bouganveille

    A masterpiece

    Bring it back Dickey – Great Southern was your own- as a founder of the Allman Brothers – you were awesome with both groups- This is not a tribute- this is your legacy


    Ron Greene
    4347 Beekman Place
    Sarasota FL. 34235


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