Dickey Betts & Great Southern / Atlanta’s Burning Down

Release date: 04-May-2010

Label: Floating World

Twofer: ¬†Dickey Betts & Great Southern (self-titled) and Atlanta’s Burning Down (Dickey Betts & Great Southern)

Digitally remastered twofer containing a pair of albums from the Southern Rock legend on one disc: Dickey Betts & Great Southern (1977) and Atlanta’s Burning Down (1978). with the revived interest is all things “Southern” and the fast expanding “Jam Band” scene this timely re-issue illustrates what a superb guitarist Betts is. He has just announced that he has retired from the road after all these years and these two albums remain fine testament to the mans outstanding guitar skills. 15 tracks.

  1. Out To Get Me
  2. Run Gypsy Run
  3. Sweet Virginia
  4. The Way Love Goes
  5. Nothing You Can Do
  6. California Blues
  7. Bougainvillea
  8. Good Time Feeling
  9. Atlanta's Burning Down
  10. Leavin' Me Again
  11. Back On The Road Again
  12. Dealin' With The Devil
  13. Shady Streets
  14. You Can Have Her (I Don't Want Her)
  15. Mr. Blues Man