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MaryPFMaryPF wrote on January 16, 2016 on 9:21 am:
Now there are 2 dead Dickey websites instead of just one. I wonder if little Dan has any power on this new GB. We'll find out soon enough.
voadorvoador wrote on January 12, 2016 on 9:59 pm:
Rest in peace
JohnJohn wrote on January 12, 2016 on 7:35 pm:
Testing 1 2 3
ChrisChris wrote on January 12, 2016 on 7:12 pm:
Well I haven't signed on here in a long time. But after noticing the new look of the website, have been waiting for someone else to comment. Since no one seems eager to do this, I will say that I like it, and hope that it might indicate some increased activity in Dickey's organization.
TheBabe714TheBabe714 wrote on January 12, 2016 on 9:40 am:
The new site is looking good. All the best to you Dickey Betts in 2016
HappyhereHappyhere wrote on January 10, 2016 on 8:06 pm:
From the swamp to the pocosin to the open woods we all emerge!!! Life is good!!!
Chris RChris R wrote on January 10, 2016 on 3:01 am:
Wow. I just stopped by and see a brand new site! The host is called Betts Back Alley. Not sure if it's with Lana and Rowland, but all of the entries are the same. Looks good! All the best from Key West!
DanDan wrote on January 9, 2016 on 6:25 pm:
Looks Good!
JimJim wrote on January 8, 2016 on 9:35 pm:
Hey Now! It's nice to see a brand new webpage! Happy New Year1 I hope Mr. Betts feels up for playing a bit this year.
DanDan wrote on January 8, 2016 on 1:32 am:
JohnJohn wrote on January 7, 2016 on 7:43 pm:
Whats up with the new format?
DanDan wrote on January 7, 2016 on 5:11 pm:
I like way to go!!!
rajorajo wrote on January 6, 2016 on 8:58 pm:
George was good looking or sumpin. But Guns and Roses knew they had a guitar player. Reunited !!
dobrodobro wrote on January 6, 2016 on 5:12 pm:
Yes, there has been a massive drop in traffic and guestbook posts. Having no updates to the site for 8 - 10 months does nothing for our motivation. There's obviously no current interest or need for any promotional activity from the site administrator. I'm not a facebook member, but out of curiosity I checked the DB&GS page and it, like this site, has very little recent activity. I suppose the best we can do for now is to savor the past and respect Dickey's decision to let it lay. Another reason so many abandon the site is the silly hi-jacking and romper room antics. If the admins won't fix it, they don't get my business. The road does NOT go on forever, but I've got a sneakin suspicion that there's something just around the corner. Till then, if everybody plays nice, we might the community to regain some interest. Peace, and Good Time Feelings.
rajorajo wrote on January 6, 2016 on 12:41 am:
We're only pale!
peachmaniacpeachmaniac wrote on January 3, 2016 on 9:50 pm:
We're not slow we're special needs!
DanDan wrote on January 3, 2016 on 5:34 am:
Boy is this place slow
TennKevTennKev wrote on January 1, 2016 on 5:08 pm:
Amen to that Brother Dan. ((((((NIC))))))) Happy New Year folks. Panic w/ Chuck L. doin' Jessica recently. :guitar:
TunesTunes wrote on December 31, 2015 on 3:31 pm:
Let's start the year right. Here is a set list and some inspirational music for Dickey: Freddy King Just Pickin’ Mashed up with Richard Betts Hand Picked The Allman Brothers Band Trouble No More Dickey w/ phil going down the road Toy Caldwell 24 Hours At A Time 1 Dickey Betts back where it all begins Dickey Betts and Great Southern Nobody Left To Run With Dickey Betts and Great Southern One Way Out Richard Betts Long Time Gone Dickey Betts & Great Southern Blue Sky Dickey Betts & Great Southern Let's All Get Together 4 The Allman Brothers Band In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed 49 Dickey Betts & Great Southern Jessica Dickey Betts & Great Southern Southbound Sea Level & Friends Hot 'Lanta/Little Martha The Allman Brothers Band Pony Boy Dickey Betts & Great Southern I Gotta Know The Rides Don't Want Lies Tab Benoit Sufferin' Mind Van Morrison Blue And Green Albert King Angel of Mercy (At Wattstax) Bill Withers World Keeps Going Around 5:19 Live At Carnegie Hall Asleep At the Wheel I Can't Give You Anything But Love (with Kat Edmonson & Ray Benson) B.B. King It's My Own Fault Baby 3:35 The Electric Blues Experience Levon Helm When I Go Away 4:33 Electric Dirt Bobby Hebb Sunny (Live in Japan) 7:28 Sunny (Live in Japan) Roger Waters It's A Miracle Count Basie and His Orchestra Blues For Ilean Warren Haynes That Smell (Live) 6:32 One More for the Fans Willie Nile Little Light
DanDan wrote on December 31, 2015 on 8:10 am:
Happy Birthday are surely missed! What a fantastic man and Friend! Dan