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HappyhereHappyhere wrote on February 4, 2016 on 9:58 pm:
Lukestar, I know where you are coming from!!! It seemed like there was an unnecessary hate filling the old great website! Maybe they could merge the two!!! This new site has helped me reminisce about all the good times dickey gave us and how lucky we are! How lucky was I to shake your hand, it wouldn't of happened if not for dockets music! Hope to see you soon!!!
DanDan wrote on February 2, 2016 on 7:12 pm:
Hope Dickey has some dates up his sleeve this year!
HappyhereHappyhere wrote on February 1, 2016 on 11:05 pm:
8 minute ride. Bronco betts!!!
HappyhereHappyhere wrote on February 1, 2016 on 10:35 pm:
Tangled up in blue, what a trip to travel out and hear this live out there!!! It was magical!!
LUKELUKE wrote on January 31, 2016 on 8:19 pm:
Shoulda left the site like it was.This is kinda drab and boring feeling.Just my 17 cents
voadorvoador wrote on January 30, 2016 on 6:11 pm:
I'm so thankful that I was born in an era with such an amazing amount of great music. I'm thankful that Dickey Betts was part of the same era and gave us works of art that never get old or boring.
dobrodobro wrote on January 29, 2016 on 8:38 am:
Thanks for the info, Capn. Please let us know if any of those charity appearances come up. Dickey retiring is a tough pill to swallow, but I wish him all the best. We lost another great one with the passing of Paul Kantner. RIP to the pilot of The Jefferson Airplane. This is a cool quote: “Jefferson Airplane had the fortune or misfortune of discovering Fender Twin Reverb amps and LSD in the same week while in college".-Paul Kantner
rainyrainy wrote on January 27, 2016 on 8:27 pm:
I like it
Muleman1994Muleman1994 wrote on January 27, 2016 on 5:36 pm:
"Thank you for your entry. We will review it and unlock it in a short while." An excellent upgrade.
Muleman1994Muleman1994 wrote on January 27, 2016 on 5:35 pm:
When you need a pick-me-up form the 30 plus inches of global warming in your driveway, pull out a DB&GS show and crank it up!
bayoubluesratbayoubluesrat wrote on January 26, 2016 on 10:25 pm:
Sure miss getting to see Dickey out on the road... Hope his is doing well...His music will live forever.
DanDan wrote on January 25, 2016 on 11:01 pm:
Muleman1994Muleman1994 wrote on January 24, 2016 on 1:49 pm:
Gov't Mule's MYE 12/31 show featured a 3rd set of ABB tunes. If you were a fan of The ABB in the 90s with the Dickey, Warren and Woody lineup, get yourself a copy. Upbeat and driving. Of course having Chuck and Jack P. sure gave it that "authentic" flavor. I have a B&P up on the ABB site and the torrent link is there too. Warren and Jack really brought the Dickey feeling to life. Peace & Ride The Mule, Tom
PaulPaul wrote on January 21, 2016 on 7:19 pm:
Congratulations on the new website. Looks great!!! We sure miss you out here Dickey!!!
terryterry wrote on January 19, 2016 on 11:51 am:
Dickey is alive and thriving... put on a few pounds enjoying holidays with family... hes retired but willing to do a fundraiser. No golf lately but when the weather warms watch out
dobrodobro wrote on January 18, 2016 on 8:07 am: this thing on? Hope everybody on Siesta Key made it through that storm ok.
MaryPFMaryPF wrote on January 16, 2016 on 9:21 am:
Now there are 2 dead Dickey websites instead of just one. I wonder if little Dan has any power on this new GB. We'll find out soon enough.
voadorvoador wrote on January 12, 2016 on 9:59 pm:
Rest in peace
JohnJohn wrote on January 12, 2016 on 7:35 pm:
Testing 1 2 3
ChrisChris wrote on January 12, 2016 on 7:12 pm:
Well I haven't signed on here in a long time. But after noticing the new look of the website, have been waiting for someone else to comment. Since no one seems eager to do this, I will say that I like it, and hope that it might indicate some increased activity in Dickey's organization.