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Muleman1994Muleman1994 wrote on July 2, 2016 on 3:17 pm:
Down home in Florida ya gotta believe Dickey often has his guitar in hand and is a pickin'. Shoot I'd love to just hear a home made recording...
HappyhereHappyhere wrote on June 21, 2016 on 8:05 am:
Highway country side,feeling can't be denied,you ain't never been down there before!!!! This a great website, great videos!!! Thanks!!!
Bird72Bird72 wrote on June 14, 2016 on 11:09 am:
Mustaches For Betts is opening a local chapter near you!
HappyhereHappyhere wrote on June 4, 2016 on 1:25 pm:
People can you feel it , love is everywhere!!!
Muleman1994Muleman1994 wrote on May 26, 2016 on 10:16 pm:
Duane Betts Joins the Night Train Music Club On Wednesday evening, Dawes guitarist Duane Betts sat in with the Night Train Music Club, a revolving cast of all-star touring and session musicians assembled by singer/guitarist Steve Postell for weekly performances at the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica, California. Betts joined in for two songs during the ensemble’s second set and took extended solos on Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine,” and Bo Diddley’s blues standard “Before You Accuse Me.” The evening’s lineup included bassist Alphonso Johnson (Santana, Jazz is Dead), guitarist Danny Kortchmar (Don Henley) and drummer Steve DiStanislao (David Gilmour). Long list of musicians contribute many of whom you will recognize: wrote on May 18, 2016 on 11:33 pm:
Hello Dickie! I am sorry to hear about your losses. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. I really miss you and your music and think you are one of the greatest! If it would ever make you feel better, please come on down to NC and play!!!! Take care, Hunter Brown Cedar Point, NC
LeafontheWindLeafontheWind wrote on May 17, 2016 on 8:07 am:
Hope in one hand crap in the other see which one fills up faster Dan! Am I right brother???
DanDan wrote on May 17, 2016 on 1:29 am:
I can hope saw Dickey numerous times and ready to see him again!
LeafontheWindLeafontheWind wrote on May 4, 2016 on 12:11 pm:
Clinton 2016 y'all!!!
Muleman1994Muleman1994 wrote on April 24, 2016 on 4:17 pm:
Dickey will return to the stage whenever he chooses and we will all be blessed yet again.
HappyhereHappyhere wrote on April 21, 2016 on 10:16 pm:
Hogs breath is better than no breath at all!!!
LeafontheWindLeafontheWind wrote on April 21, 2016 on 4:27 pm:
Don't hold your breath Dan!
DanDan wrote on April 20, 2016 on 4:34 am:
I hope we get a couple shows this summer..I'm ready for a road trip.
EdEd wrote on April 10, 2016 on 2:04 am:
Hey all been a while. Is Dickey itching to do a few shows? I saw one listed for Philly that was up then taken down. Hope all is well. ED
HappyhereHappyhere wrote on April 8, 2016 on 7:47 pm:
Get your bronco in the wind our friend!!!
HappyhereHappyhere wrote on April 8, 2016 on 5:26 pm:
)))))))----------------------)))) Longmire
rainyrainy wrote on April 6, 2016 on 11:53 pm:
HappyhereHappyhere wrote on April 1, 2016 on 1:46 am:
Long time gone
HappyhereHappyhere wrote on April 1, 2016 on 12:54 am:
Bayou blues muskrat you are right ! The big eagle is brilliant! They are eagles nesting on the pasquotank! There is still one oak standing down at my daddy's house out back!!!
TheBabe714TheBabe714 wrote on March 28, 2016 on 9:46 am:
Hope everyone had a nice Easter, looking forward to the ABB cd release of the A & R studio show on friday. Hope this is the start of a great thing wtih the abb record label. enjoy & peace